Waiting Area Woes

Sometimes, you never know how really good you have it until you are awakened to someone else’s problems that are much, much worse than yours. click here to ready more about this topic.

Traveling on business you get to come in contact with a wide range of people that you would not normally come into contact with.  In this case, there was a couple sitting next to me in the gate waiting area at O’Hare.  They were traveling to see their grandparents and were bringing along their infant.  As they explained, this was the first time that they had gone out of state, let alone left the house since their infant was born last October.  You see, they explained, their child was born with a great many birth defects and it was only now that the infant was not hooked up to a machine of one kind or another.  What a beautiful baby to have so many problems lay ahead of him.  It could really break your heart.  The couple, however, were cool and so very competent that you had to marvel at their excitement to make such a trip albeit with more than the usual difficulties.


And so my fear of flying was quickly put into perspective.  Here was a child that had beaten all the odds and survived some very serious pre-birth and after birth medical conditions and this couple put all that aside to bring this child to his great grandparents who could no longer travel themselves.  More than a dozen operations were done on this tiny baby who survived each one only to face another hurdle and I am whining about my fear (a very real fear) of flying.  As they explained their journey to me, this couple really made me realize that my burdens are really not too much to bear, and theirs…well, one could only admire their grit and determination that their baby should live as normal a life as medical science can now make possible.  I could just tell that this was to be a very happy homecoming for the three of them and that because of their positive and can-do attitude, their baby will be in the best of hands.