You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

So we all know that I hate flying but sometimes you just have to do it for business. Last week, I had occasion to sit next to someone that really knew about internet marketing. (I told this person I would give them a link on my blog.) The topic came up because I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation this person was having with a client who was just so enthusiastic, that I could hear everything the person on the line was saying.
Apparently, the person next to me on the flight was working on this clients’ site and was getting them phone calls that they hadn’t been able to get from their online marketing efforts in the past. Why is this important? For one reason, you just never know who will be sitting next to you on a plane that might have an idea or a service that you can you. In my business, I need help with online marketing. Right next to me, was someone who apparently knew what they were doing. Most times, one would be suspect of this kind of “set up”. I mean, to get a phone call before the plane takes off that is this effusive would set my “bs” antennae to high alert. But this person didn’t know who they would be sitting next to. It could have been a kid. (Children in first class. Now there is a topic for another post.)
So we struck up a conversation and I found out more about how the internet works in the 90 minute flight than all the consultants our company has paid for in the past 3 years could ever tell us. I now understand how all the facets of ecommerce fit together in ways that I could never have dreamed. There is something about being stuck on a plane for a while that engenders full attention and concentration. If you are learning something, you just don’t want to stop. Further, and good for me, I wasn’t anxious about the flight at all because this conversation was so distracting. I’m sure that’s why airlines put in-flight movies on in the first place – to distract and entertain. But this was even better. It moved my business forward in more ways than just miles earned.